Opened up so many doors

Posted 30 Aug

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed this Avatar Course. It helped me so much with my life; words can’t describe how great I feel after completing this course. It has opened up so many doors, I… Read more

Feeling, Connection and Empowerment.

Posted 28 Aug

Harry, Here is a summary of my experience on The Avatar Course. In the nine days of my Avatar experience I feel I have been offered the keys to another piece of me. The reality of where I am is… Read more

A transformational journey

Posted 22 Aug

Harry, I just became an Avatar a few minutes ago!! I started ReSurfacing last weekend with my Fiancé. He had to go back home for three days, but returned and was able to finish Section III. We both came because… Read more

The person I knew I could be.

Posted 22 Aug

Dear Harry, I’m sitting here at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia reflecting on my growth over the past 7.5 years. I have just interned as a Master on the Resurfacing course in the same hotel as my very first Resurfacing… Read more

Law enforcement officers world opened up

Posted 17 Aug

Dear Harry, I’ll start out by saying what I just experienced on my first day of Section II of The Avatar Course with one word. Amazing! I just had an awesome awareness that had unconsciously held me back for 20… Read more

Compassion in a bush community

Posted 14 Aug

Hi Harry, I had a Compassion Project stand at the markets last Sunday and some people came and shared experiences I want to share with you, as the creator of the precious gift of the Compassion exercise and the gorgeous,… Read more

Positive feedback

Posted 03 Aug

Hello Harry, My son is sixteen years old and in amazing shape thanks to you and you’re beautiful intention for humanity. He has gone to all the courses including Masters and Wizards. He is connecting to all his friends and… Read more

Inner Peace

Posted 02 Aug

Hi, Wow Harry! I am on my Avatar Course. I have learned a lot. “Me” equaled miss resistance plus! I felt “Me” and it hurt- it really did. But God and I both feel great now! I have gotten all… Read more