Bringing my family changes!

Posted 26 Aug

Dear Harry, I am one of the newest Avatars on the planet! I have many new things on my mind as I get ready to enter high School next month. Thank you. Recently my father doesn’t feel well. So we… Read more

The judgments are only judgments

Posted 25 Aug

Hi Harry, I am at my Avatar Course. Yesterday I experienced an exercise that seemed so hard to me and I got confused. But at the end I could feel that I had actually done the exercise and I got… Read more

A hard nut like me!

Posted 25 Aug

Dear Harry, Thank you for supplying the tools to reach a hard nut like me! I came in to The Avatar Course with a lot of resistance and mistrust. I started off just to look at what my partner was… Read more

Can love myself and be generous to others!

Posted 24 Aug

Dear Harry, I feel honored that I can live a new life through this Avatar Course. I’m proud of myself. It felt miraculous that every object and the universe was created by me. The biggest gains from the course is… Read more

How to love and to express love

Posted 24 Aug

Dear Harry, I started the Avatar Course after the Master of one of my friends recommended it. I have tracked back in my life through this course and learned to live happily and wisely. I could acknowledge everything doing the… Read more

The life I had hoped for!

Posted 23 Aug

Dear Harry, When I first took The Avatar Course something terrible had just happened in my life. Now as I move forward towards the Master and Wizard Courses, my life has begun to move and I am getting the life… Read more

The person I want to be

Posted 23 Aug

Hi Harry, G’day to you and all. My love and appreciation to all in the Avatar network. I would like to share an insight/feeling(s) I have had within the last couple of hours/days. I have been watching the video with… Read more