Happy to be here

Posted 07 Nov

  Dear Harry, I am so happy to be here and so amazed with all this wonderful work! I thank you so much. It is always so expansive an experience on each course I attend. I love you both with… Read more

A precious day in my life!

Posted 07 Nov

Yesterday was a precious day in my life! I am at the International Avatar Course and I could feel so deep inside how wonderful it is to be in service to others. I could see the inspiration as a fire.… Read more

Deep self esteem and connection

Posted 03 Nov

  Dear Harry, I just feel born again. We are all family of the universe. The day I discovered Avatar was the day of my being reborn. My first time to have such deep self esteem and connection. It is… Read more

love and unlimited wisdom

Posted 03 Nov

Dear Harry, It is a privilege to have arrived here at the Avatar Course. I am enjoying this knowledge we are learning, meeting different people and also to understand me and others in a different way. Today, I have felt… Read more

My heart and My family

Posted 28 Sep

Thanks so much for your tools. The Releasing Fixed Attention exercise has really helped me connect with my heart and my family. I’m so grateful to be a part of this movement. lots of love, Caitlin Mcmahon- Australia

Fear crippled me

Posted 27 Sep

Since I did the Avatar Course a lot has changed in my life. First, I rediscovered how to really feel and connect to other people. After that I found out about compassion and what it feels like to have unconditional… Read more

Manifest Synchronicity

Posted 18 Sep

Dear Harry, After completing the Avatar Course, Section I, ReSurfacing, I found a quiet nook in my Master’s beautiful home setting, filled out the debrief card, and was struggling to formulate some goals. My master walked in and sat down… Read more

Attention and Care

Posted 30 Aug

Dear Harry, Oh! Wow! What have I done? Here is what has happened within the two days that I have done the ReSurfacing Course. I’ve had the best dinner date with my husband where I was fully present and appreciative… Read more