Posted 03 May

Harry, The Feeling and State of Residence in Impermanence … Completeness. He is and I am the Creation itself. No value is so more or less important and infinitely measurable when we feel that point of Original Creation – I Am – Is. Namaste, Hercules Jose Silva Dias- Brazil

The compassion ripple effect

Posted 29 Apr

Dear Harry, I would like to share how people open up with the Compassion Project. I teach the Community Services Work diploma at  T.A.F. E., the largest vocational education and training provider in Australia and one of the best in the world. I give out Compassion Cards to all my… Read more

Helped me transform my life!

Posted 18 Apr

Dear Harry, I thank you for creating the tools that have helped me transform my life! After doing many other courses and not being able to walk away with any sense of personal responsibility, Avatar seriously holds its’ own as not being just another course. Instead it is a “life… Read more

Away from Greed to Compassion

Posted 16 Mar

Dear Harry, As I was walking through the crowded streets of Delhi in India today, I thought of you and our Avatar friends. There is so much suffering in the world, there are a lot of children begging, people who suffer from diseases not even known in our western world… Read more

Move from mind to heart!

Posted 07 Mar

Dear Harry, On the International Avatar Course we all watched your DVD “The Path To Compassion” this morning. It made it so easy for me to move from mind to heart!! I feel confident that I can stay in my heart as long as I want and travel to the… Read more

Compassion Exercise A Gift!

Posted 03 Mar

Dear Harry, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the opportunity to be a part of inspiring others to connect with the Avatar workshops and tools. There is so much grace in being present in society with a primary to connect and contribute. What with the Compassion… Read more

Creating Peace

Posted 01 Mar

Dear Harry, I am here in Orlando enjoying the Avatar Course developing my sense of personal resposibility and compassion. I’m learning so much about myself and the way I create more than I desire in the way of conflict and struggle in my life. Now with the tools I know… Read more

The power to be happy

Posted 17 Feb

Dear Harry, Avatar is the power to be happy , peaceful and successful indefinitely. I feel so much better now after my Avatar Course. Thank you. Shahriar Kayhani- Iran