Use Avatar tools regularly

Posted 05Jun

Hi Harry, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for all the work you’ve done to bring Avatar to the world. I use the tools regularly and in the 10+ years since I first took Resurfacing and all the courses up though Wizards (and two wonderful… Read more

How to operate my mind

Posted 15May

Dear Harry, Wholeness to me is being balanced spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually, financially, and any other “ly” that makes me Me. “Hole-ness” (that state of feeling as though something is missing) creates an unbalanced state that literally cries for wholeness/completeness. Changing one’s beliefs about the “holes” in one’s life… Read more

The compassion ripple effect

Posted 29Apr

I would like to share how people open up with the Compassion Project. I teach the Community Services Work diploma at T.A.F. E., the largest vocational education and training provider in Australia and one of the best in the world. I give out Compassion Cards to all my students in… Read more

Creating Peace

Posted 01Mar

Dear Harry, I am here in Orlando enjoying the Avatar Course developing my sense of personal resposibility and compassion. I’m learning so much about myself and the way I create more than I desire in the way of conflict and struggle in my life. Now with the tools I know… Read more

The power to be happy

Posted 17Feb

Dear Harry, Avatar is the power to be happy , peaceful and successful indefinitely. I feel so much better now after my Avatar Course. Thank you. Shahriar Kayhani- Iran

Happy and Ready for Life!

Posted 11Dec

Dear Harry, After the Avatar Course I feel myself so much more happy and having a lot of fun. Also I have more confidence. I am ready for the next steps in my life! Thank you. E.S.- USA

Life Changing Experience!

Posted 27Nov

I have just left my Avatar Course today. I have an Avatar “Face Lift” and even though I have not lost weight physically over the last few days I feel like I have lost 20 Kilos! I attended the course with my two daughters aged 12 and 11; It has… Read more

Feeling SO alive! Not too old!

Posted 13Nov

  Hi Harry, I completed the International Avatar course a few days ago and will be attending the Masters course in a couple of weeks. The last day of the course, as I worked with the Persistent Mass exercise, I felt “prickles” of energy moving all over my face and… Read more