A Crossroad in Life

Posted 11 Aug

I am at a cross road in my life. Avatar has given me direction and new focus in my life. Using the tools I feel more confident and able to choose the right path for myself for the future. I would love to say a big thank you to all… Read more

Bringing me Peace!

Posted 04 May

Hello Harry! Good day!!! I am contacting you to share a liberating experience for me and say thank you! I always had a pattern of shame, guilt and fear and a very striking victim pattern which always led me to run away to hide me! Earlier this year, being back… Read more

I Made the Decision

Posted 28 Jul

I received an e-mail from an Avatar Master about this introductory teleseminar that was happening. I had my free session and from that one exercise I made the decision to go to Avatar. The first person I meet is a woman moving to the city where I live! This really… Read more

An Easy Enough Problem

Posted 13 May

In June 2012 I had the privilege to deliver the precious Avatar Course to my entire family, husband and three 17-year olds in Holland. Many wonderful things happened and we now have a common language and we frequently use the tools. However, sometimes one just forgets the greatness of the… Read more

Inhibitive and Negative Beliefs

Posted 06 May

I really enjoyed my Avatar ReSurfacing Course a lot. The practices oriented my beliefs. I found out many inhibitive and negative beliefs I have had. Difficult situations I have had in my life were all because of my beliefs. I had weak confidence. I was not loving myself….I wanted to… Read more

Changed My Life Forever

Posted 06 May

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have just finished The Avatar Course! I lived 10 days that were absolutely fantastic. They have been filled with New things, new explorations, emotions, love and insights! This course is so BIG! Avatar changed my life forever. I feel happy. I am happy.… Read more

Enabled Me to Clear Spaces

Posted 24 Apr

This Avatar course was incredible! It enabled me to clear spaces that I had not even identified as blocked! But the best component of all was being in a room with hundreds of people, from all over the world, who could each look everyone else fully in the eyes! Thank… Read more

Missing Out on Myself

Posted 22 Apr

Dear Harry, I feel like where I have been all my life prior to the Avatar Course was a place where I was missing out on myself as a powerful Source being. This to me is unthinkable! Thank you so much! I came to this course to complete Section III.… Read more