How to love and to express love

Posted 24 Aug

Dear Harry, I started the Avatar Course after the Master of one of my friends recommended it. I have tracked back in my life through this course and learned to live happily and wisely. I could acknowledge everything doing the first perceptual exercise I learned in section II and really… Read more

The life I had hoped for!

Posted 23 Aug

Dear Harry, When I first took The Avatar Course something terrible had just happened in my life. Now as I move forward towards the Master and Wizard Courses, my life has begun to move and I am getting the life I had hoped for. Now my partner has begun to… Read more

The person I want to be

Posted 23 Aug

Hi Harry, G’day to you and all. My love and appreciation to all in the Avatar network. I would like to share an insight/feeling(s) I have had within the last couple of hours/days. I have been watching the video with your talk on Life Challenges (again LOL), and, I feel… Read more