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The Avatar® Master’s Handbook

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A Step-By-Step Approach To Success

The Avatar Masters Handbook

by Harry Palmer (Spiral Bound – 1997)

Creating an enlightened planetary civilization is an ambitious task, but not an impossible one. Great ambitions are seldom achieved without a plan. Here is a systematic step-by-step approach to creating an enlightened civilization.

Learn to recognize the stages of developing a skill? Learn to conduct a successful presentation? Produce the sub-products that add up to a successful business?

While this book specifically addresses the domain of the Avatar Master, you will quickly see that its lessons are principles with broad application to other enterprises.


Marketing from a level of consciousness By Joanie Kirk

There are points in this book that far surpass what is out there on the marketing market. The Doingness Scale alone offers a way of self-evaluation and action that is sure to move us all forward. I have read and reread it and still find jewels imbedded in the writing.
For an Avatar Master starting out, or anyone interested in conscious marketing, this book can help.

• • • •

Talk about a set of tools! The information in The Avatar Master’s Handbook feels so right. It’s a yes, yes, of course, yes thing. Here’s a confession. I am having a hard time finding an excuse to procrastinate any longer. I have all the tools that I need to reengineer my own consciousness.

Bud Lenox (Winter Park, FL USA)


Section I The Path to Enlightened Master

Chapter 1
Inspiration, page 3; The Goal of Life, page 8; How Do You Define Success?, page 9; Commitment, page 10

Chapter 2
Growing Beyond the Terrain, page 13; Creations, Agreements, and Changes, page 13; 1. Universe of Self (I Am), page 13; 2. Universe of the Other, page 14; 3. The Physical Universe, page 15; Confusion of Universes, page 16; Universes and the New Avatar Student, page 18; Delivering Avatar to the Wrong Universe, page 19; Truth and Universes, page 19; Awakening in the Universe of Self, page 20; Why Avatar Exists, page 22; Self-Realization, page 22

Chapter 3
The Power of Primaries, page 25; Secondaries, page 26; Reality Implies Limits, page 26; Trainer’s Nightmare, page 28; Recognizing Opportunity, page 29; The Right Way, page 29; Be, Do, and Have Primaries, page 30; Primaries and Magic, page 30; Primaries and Domains, page 31

Chapter 4
Building Skills, page 37; 0. Confusion, page 38; 1. Struggle, page 38; 2. First Results, page 38; 3. Frustration, page 38; 4. Routine Performance, page 39; 5. Confidence, page 39; 6. Authority (Leadership), page 39; 7. Enlightenment, page 40; Introduction to Performance Scale, page 40; Confusion, page 41; Struggle, page 42; First Results, page 43; Frustration, page 44; Routine Performance, page 45; Confidence, page 48; Authority (Leadership), page 49; Enlightenment, page 50

Chapter 5
Avatar Master Identity, page 53; Qualities Worth Nurturing, page 55; Right Conduct, page 56; Impulse and the Deliberate Will, page 56; Masters Who Hear Confessions, page 57; Your Business Being, page 57; Your Core Business, page 58; Primaries In Conflict (Arguments), page 58; Where Is That Waitress?, page 59; Relevant Information, Proper Acknowledgment, Sincere Appreciation and Genuine Admiration, page 59

Section II Building Momentum

Chapter 6
Productive Efforts, page 63; Whacking at the Beast, page 63; Sub-Products, page 64; Sub-Products Table, page 65; Expect Instant Success, But Have a Back-up Plan, page 66; Effort #1: Friendly Relations, page 67; Effort #2: Planting Seeds of Interest, page 67; Effort #3: Describing Personal Benefits, page 68; Effort #4: Selling Books, page 69; From a Master’s Graduation Talk by Harry, page 70; Effort #5: Follow-up, Inspire, and Involve, page 71; Follow-up Questions, page 72; Everyone You Meet Knows Someone, page 73; Effort #6: Participatory Involvement, page 73; Reasons for Finding out More about Avatar, page 74; Effort #7: Creating an Exciting Avatar Delivery, page 76; Effort #8: Delivering Avatar, page 78; Effort #9: Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, page 79

Chapter 7
Contact and Connection, page 81; The Tools of Diplomacy, page 81; Establishing A Contact Leading to a Connection, page 82; 1. Clever Advertising, page 83; 2. Introductions and Referrals, page 84; 3. Physical Proximity, page 86; 4. Alignment of Attention, page 86; 5. Shared Aesthetic Appreciation, page 87; 6. Shared Agreements, page 87; 7. By Surprise (Pleasant), page 87; The Last Word on Contact, page 87; Connecting is a Time for Qualifying, page 89; Three Categories, page 90

Chapter 8
Presentations, page 93; Events and Presentations are not the Same, page 93; Three Steps: Foundation, Context, Questions, page 94; Step 1. Foundation Guidelines, page 94; Step 2. Context, page 95; Step 3. Questions, page 96; Quantity and Quality of Presentations Equal Students, page 96; 1. Opening Curtain, page 96; 2. The Speaker’s Introduction, page 97; 3. Orient the Audience with your Opening Lines, page 97; 4. Tell the Audience How They Will Benefit from Learning about Themselves, page 98; 5.a. The Big Finish, page 103; 5.b. The No-TV, No-VCR Option (or The Not-Quite-So-Big Finish), page 104; 6. After the Applause (Yes, You Clap Too), page 104; A Lecture/Workshop Created by Wizards, page 104; Public Relations Emergency, page 108

Chapter 9
Selling Books, page 111; Marketing, page 111; Sales, page 112; Master Anecdote: Book Table Selling, page 113; Master Anecdote: Story into Book Selling, page 114; Creating an EPC, page 114; Book Marketing Tips, page 116; Bonus Tips, page 119; Outrageous Tips, page 120; Major Point, page 121

Chapter 10
Inspire and Involve, page 123; Follow-Up Letters, page 123; Involvement, page 126; Telephone Calls, page 127

Chapter 11
Events, page 129; Plan for a Typical Event, page 130

Chapter 12 Avatar Students
Selling Avatar, page 135; The Buying Decision, page 139; Relevancy, page 139; More on the Intuitional Decision Process, page 140; Not Avatar, page 140; The Ethics of Persuasion, page 141; Time, page 142; Master Anecdote on Incentive, page 142; The Continuous Course (a talk by Harry), page 143

Intended Audience

Avatar Masters




Contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization can take many forms. It does not necessarily mean that you quit your job and become a self-employed Avatar Master. That is only one option. Maybe you can do the most good by continuing what you are doing and using your influence to steer people toward greater care and tolerance. Maybe you can follow your profitable profession and deliver to an occasional student in your spare time or at a co-delivery with other Masters. Maybe you can partially or completely convert services you already deliver to Avatar courses. Maybe you can scale back working for others and transition into marketing and delivering Avatar with partners. Maybe you can affect legislation, media, or public opinion toward a more favorable environment for the planetary expansion of Avatar. Maybe you can add a little adventure to your retirement or spend your vacation doing something more productive than nursing a sunburn.

What are your options? They are discovered by using a combination of personal experiences, imagination, and reason. Rate your options by the same criteria you rated your goals in the beginning of the Master Course.

Exploring options is usually a 24- to 48-hour process. The advice to sleep on a proposal before you make a commitment is good advice. But finally, pick a direction or a plan of action and commit to it. Your commitment has power. It’s a stable point in a chaotic world. It’s a foundation for inspiring friendships. It is the power of your commitment that will determine your success or failure in any endeavor.

Here is a story that motivational speakers like to tell. Three frogs are sitting on a lily pad, and two decide to jump off. How many frogs are left on the lily pad? Someone in the audience always calls out, “One.”

“No,” the speaker says, “there are still three. Two of them decided, but they didn’t commit any effort to acting!”

Commitment is backing up your primary with action. Undertake something.