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• ReSurfacing® Workshop:
AUD $330 NZD $402.50

• The Avatar® Course:
AUD $3190 NZD $3050

Payment details: Cash / Direct Transfer / Credit card
Note to Master: If you do not have credit card facilities and the student is wanting to pay by credit card then email Shona ( to arrange this.

Reviewing Student registering for:

1. ReSurfacing Review: $110*
2. Avatar Review: $495*
(*in the currency of course location)

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please answer the following questions so we can be in the best possible position to support you while doing your Avatar Course. Use an extra sheet if necessary. Note: The Avatar Materials are for self- evolvement. They are not designed to address specific emotional issues, nor are they to be considered as a replacement for medical treatment or sensible psychological counselling.

1. Are you currently under any medical or psychiatric supervision (Including psychotherapy or counselling)? If yes, please explain. Also include dates, duration, and outcome:

2. Are you currently taking any prescription or recreational drugs? If yes, please give the name of the drug, frequency of usage and purpose of taking:

3. Have you ever received psychiatric and/or psychological treatment? If yes please state purpose, date, duration and outcome:

4. Have you been subject to traumatic injury or violent attack? If yes, please give details:

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