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Abby Hart
Phone: +61 410 199 622

I did the Avatar Course in 2006 and the way I experienced life changed profoundly. The Course left me in awe of life itself and I felt a connection to myself and my surroundings in a way that was quite magical. Every day using the tools is an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. I did the Masters Course in 2007 and have been delivering Avatar ever since. To me the Masters Course opened up a profound sense of life purpose that I think everyone feels so deeply on this Course that you never forget it. We deliver the 9 day Avatar Course and also 2 day Resurfacing workshops very frequently in Australia and New Zealand. Contact me if you would like information as I am sure there is one right around the corner!

Victoria Melbourne 3011 Australia
Alan Gunn
Phone: +6421570058
Hawkes Bay Hastings 4179 New Zealand
Alastair Bennett
Phone: +61 411154679

Thank you for your interest in The Avatar Course and for visiting this page. I had my first experience of Avatar in 2002. I was ready for a major life change and it came at the perfect time. Using the Avatar tools brought me the clarity I needed to choose a life direction based on what really matters to me, and equipped me to handle the challenges that inevitably come with choosing to step beyond indoctrination and live your own life. It far exceeded my expectations in inspiring and empowering me personally, but I never anticipated the richness of purpose, connection and joy that would come from delivering the course to others and being part of such an extraordinary team. If you are ready for change and enjoy a challenge, welcome to the Avatar Path!

Western Australia Perth 6158 Australia
Alessandra Menegon

The Avatar Course is about your beliefs and your prospectives. Your beliefs are actually the most powerful forces that influence your existence. Avatar equips you with the tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life, to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. I did study biology wanting to understand life but the more I studied the less I knew! Life has to be experienced… “LIve Deliberately is an urging not to let the physical universe or other people dictate the design of your private universe. Wake up!” – Harry Palmer, author of Avatar® materials. Contact me to experience some of these powerful tools at a free Info Hour or for information for upcoming courses.

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2103 Australia
Alison Bennett
Phone: +61 412299003

The Avatar course is a series of experiential tools and exercises that will allow you to discover a ‘you’ that is much broader, calmer and wise than you ever imagined. These incredible tools will reveal to you your innate ability to manage your consciousness and create a life that is aligned with your inspiration. Avatar is an invitation to play a bigger game. Come and join this incredible global network of inspired and aligned people. Register for a: -Complimentary Avatar Information session -Two day ReSurfacing Workshop -Full Avatar Course. -Then onto the Master Course and beyond…. : ) Bring yourself, your family and your friends for this incredible explortion.

Western Australia Perth 6158 Australia
Andrew Tuck
Phone: +61 417 224 029

I am very grateful for the opportunity to share the incredible experience of Avatar with you in Australia, NZ or the USA – Contact me and Experience Avatar Now!!

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2103 Australia
Angus Ward
Phone: +6421494942
Wellington 5026 New Zealand
Anne Jabbour
Phone: 0+001272489748
New South Wales and ACT Werrington County 2747 Australia
Anthony Wehbe
Phone: +61 (416) 173971

I took the Avatar Course in 2002 to help improve my self so I can achieve my goals and dreams that I never thought were possible. I also new intuitively that I was wanting to help people and make a difference in their lives but I never knew how. The Avatar Course exceeded my expectations. I discovered many things about my self but in particular I saw how much self criticism and judgement i had on my self and others and as I worked through the course I freed so much of these shackles that have been weighing my life down. ‘I completed the Advance Avatar Courses following my Avatar course which helped me uncover so much more in my life and allowed me to feel totally responsible for everything I create in my life. I gained so much doing the Avatar Courses, it was noticeable by others. People started to ask me what I have done to feel so happy. Not long after that I Delivered Avatar to my first 2 students (my Brothers) and I felt the gift of guiding them back to their natural state of being. I knew this is how I wanted to help people. I have now been delivering The Avatar Course since 2004. If you are interested in Avatar, please contact me to see how we can support you on your journey.

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2160 Australia
Brendan Caffrey
Phone: 0+000448518968
Victoria Traralgon 3844 Australia
Brigitte Andrews
Phone: +61407327378

I completed The Avatar Course in 2017, before Avatar I was what someone would call a ‘lost soul’. I didn’t know much about myself or what I was doing or where I was going in life. I felt like I was no longer myself and very disconnected from people. I had amazing results after undertaking The Avatar Course and have since gone on to get my Avatar Masters licences and completed the advaced courses. Avatar gave me the tools to rediscover myself and propel me forward with confidence and determination into my life purpose of helping others and making change in the world. I now deliver the 9 day Avatar Course to many successful students in Australia & New Zealand.

Queensland Hervey Bay 4655 Australia
Bronte Ashworth
Phone: +61458585801

Since completing the Avatar course, my life has completely changed for the better. The tools have enabled me to live deliberatly and create the life i want. Teaching Avatar is the most uplifting experience i know, so if you wish to do the course or know more about Avatar, feel free to contact me!

Victoria Castlemaine 3450 Australia
Bronwyn Clayton
Phone: +64274578471
Napier 4183 New Zealand
Bruce McGregor
Phone: 0+-00212045773

Hi there, I am a trained and licensed Avatar Master from the North Island of New Zealand and I am very happy to talk to anyone anywhere in the world, who would like to find out more about Avatar. I look forward to hearing from you.

Napier 4110 New Zealand
Cam Kay
Phone: +6421529765

Hi my name is Cam. I am a licensed Avatar Master based in the Raglan New Zealand. I am part of a team that deliver The Avatar Course in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and America. I completed The Avatar Course myself in 2004. I found the course to be life changing. It was very practical and the tools I learned could easily be applied in my everyday life. Deciding to do the Avatar course has been one of the best if not the best decision I have ever made. I would fully recommend The Avatar Course to anyone looking to make positives changes in their life. If you are interested in finding out more about The Avatar Course then feel free to contact me with any questions or to register for an up coming event. Kind regards Cam

Hamilton 3225 New Zealand
Carmel Fitzgerald
Phone: +61418524121

I did the Avatar Course originally because I wanted to create a happier life. The people who told me about it said I could create what I wanted and that was enough for me. At that time I had no real concept of creating a life. I thought life was what happened to us. During the course there was an opening in my consciousness and things started to change. I became more aware of what I was creating and started creating more of what I wanted to experience. My life began to feel more like an adventure following the course. I did Master’s course two years later and this was when I really woke up. I realised that if we all had these tools there would be world peace and it was then I knew I wanted to contribute to expanding this work around the world. I use these tools daily and in all areas of my life. I am profoundly grateful to have them and I get extraordinary joy from passing them on to others and being with them as they wake up in their lives too.

Victoria Melbourne 3088 Australia
Caroline Clark
Phone: +61 (0) 499 993 966
Queensland Caloundra 4551 Australia
Cassandra Jarmain
Phone: 0427616164
Victoria Echuca 3564 Australia
Celeste Carson
Phone: +61423796423

A beautiful and gentle way to explore consciousness with an incredible support team. Its been the coolest thing finding my way back to who I am and gaining massive awareness of how my mind works. I know how much potential I have, but now I’m actually able to access it and help others achieve this epicness too!!

Queensland Brisbane - Daisy Hill 4127 Australia
Christine Faris
Phone: 0450 283 203
New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2026 Australia
Craig Butler
Phone: +61 (0438) 946676

I did my first Avatar Course in 2004 and I was so grateful to finally learn the tools to explore my own consciousness to find the answers I was looking for, about my life, the universe and everything! I went on and completed the very next Masters Course, then the Professionals Course and then the Wizards Course in 2005. Since then I have been delivering the 9-day Avatar Course with a wonderful team of inspired Avatar Masters in Australia and New Zealand. I come from a science-based health care background and I feel the Avatar tools enable me to integrate what I think with what I feel, which are often different to what I expect. I would love to hear from you if you would like to experience this for yourself.

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2087 Australia
Phone: 0491240074

When I discovered Avatar in 2017, I was amazed by the simplicity of the materials and how intuitive it all felt. The way I viewed the world and interacted in it transformed with openness, purpose and joy! The Avatar course is a wonderful journey of empowering personal insights which builds a skillset to manage and manifest life experiences. This increases the abilities of appreciation, presence, compassion and connection to others. I believe that we each have deep healing potential and expansive creative powers, therefore a great ability to change for the better; our life and the planet. Being an Avatar Master is one of the greatest passions in my life because it creates and holds space for such transformations to occur. If you feel ready to make some bold changes in your life through the Avatar program, it would be my honour and delight to help guide you.

Western Australia Fremantle 6160 Australia
Dave Sharpe
Phone: +61 419 274411

Come and join us for a profound life changing experience where you will learn how to live your life deliberately.

Victoria Melbourne 3206 Australia
Denise Vallianatos
Phone: +61 (402) 164992

I decided to follow this path in 2005 after many years of searching different modalities and paths, many failed projects, relationships and the desire to be a better mum. I knew in my heart there was something more to this life and I really wanted to help myself, my daughters and others to become better people and contribute in some way to making the world a better place for future generations. So when I discovered The Avatar Course, I knew I had found home and my purpose and it has been the most joyful and extraordinary journey I have ever been on. If you would like more information or to meet and have a chat, please give me a call or email.

Victoria Melbourne 3181 Australia
Dionne Payn
Phone: +61 401 440083

I did the Avatar Course in July 2016 and it changed my life. I was blown away by the care and compassion shown to me by the Avatar Masters and Trainers that were guiding me and my family through the course. One of the Avatar exercises neatly resolved a pressing personal issue within 2 hours and left me in no doubt that the Avatar Course worked. It was natural for me to become an Avatar Master and I love helping others awaken to their true potential. If you want to deepen your connection to yourself and others, resolve life situations that aren’t working for you and create the reality you prefer, I invite you to connect with me at and/or 0401 440083.

Queensland | New South Wales and ACT Mullumbimby 2482 Australia
Donna Crosbie
Phone: +61406052922

I joined Avatar in 2017, before Avatar I had no purpose, no direction & I let my depression rule my life. I had withdrawn from people & became very isolated. The world was a scary place for me & I felt like I didn’t belong in this world. Since completing The Avatar course, I went on to get my Avatar Masters & have just recently completed Wizards. My confidence has grown so much. Avatar has given me the tools to take control of my life. I’m finally taking responsibility for the first time in my life & I’m loving it. I now deliver the 9 day Avatar Course to many students from Australia & New Zealand. Please contact me if you would like more information.

South Australia Adelaide 5012 Australia
Ellie Bermingham
Phone: 0408193557
Queensland | New South Wales and ACT Eumundi 4562 Australia
Emma Hawkins
Phone: 0427972828
New South Wales and ACT Byron Bay 2481 Australia
Erika Hona
Phone: +61408265000

I took the Avatar course in August 2006 in Auckland NewZealand. The best decision I ever made to really get on with my life. I was at a major crossroads and couldn’t get any clarity on my direction. The first 2 days really woke me up and I finally could see and feel who I really was. I had no hesitation to do the Masters course soon after and really start changing things in my life and naturally wanting to help others to have these incredible tools in their life. It is an ever evolving journey and I am very much still learning so much more everyday as I have the tools to keep creating new experiences and handling anything that comes up in the moment. If you would like to have a chat and find out more for yourself I’d love to hear from you.

Victoria Melbourne 3025 Australia
Fiona Campbell
Phone: (+64) 022 309 2202
Wellington 6012 New Zealand
Heifara Cheong Yn
Phone: +68987731440
TAHITI 98713 Tahiti - French Polynesia
Helen McArthur
Phone: +61 (0)448116207

In the Australian mid winter of 2014, I completed Part 1 of the Avatar® course and found I’d already changed my perspective on life in ways I’d never imagined possible! I’d been yearning to find a personal sense of peace amidst a particularly challenging life situation. Despite all my upset, busy-ness and mind chatter, I experienced a sense of calm and quietness that was allowing my mind to quieten and my heart to open compassionately beyond anywhere I’d encountered previously. I also realised an inner knowing to continue on this journey, and stretched well beyond my comfort zone to complete Parts 2, 3 and 4.., however was rewarded beyond measure. I went on to do the Masters Course which created even more profound changes, and I have been facilitating the Avatar® Course since then, in Australia and the USA. If you feel you are ready to make personal changes, improve yourself and/or contribute toward improving the world, contact me. We can arrange a mutually convenient time for a personalised exploration of Avatar® online or face to face. I really look forward to hearing from you, and making a difference in the world together! Helen McArthur ~ Licensed Avatar® Master 29463 ~ Mobile: +61 (0)448 116 207

Western Australia Busselton - Dunsborough 6280 Australia
Hoany Ariitea Hunter
Phone: 68987722788
Punaauia 98703 Tahiti - French Polynesia
Ingrid Weeks
Phone: +642108350665

Supporting the delivery of Avatar in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. If you would like to know more about what you can expect on an Avatar course, please contact me via

New Zealand
Jacques Hugen
Phone: +6281805411000

For ReSurfacing Workshops and Avatar courses in Bali and joining us in International Avatar courses contact me for more information. Your Contribution to a Better World Starts With Creating a Better You.

Bali Canggu 80361 Indonesia
Jade Safein
Phone: +61 (0401) 555036

I champion and support change makers using the Avatar tools.

New South Wales and ACT Botany 2019 Australia
Jan Duncan
Phone: +64(0) 21313170

Jan is an osteopath and has been practising osteopathy for over 25 years. She is a licensed Avatar Master and teaches the Avatar courses in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. She has 4 grown up children and the older 2 are also Avatar masters. Jan has always been interested in helping others to live their full potential and to be happy living in the present moment. Her passion is to contribute to creating a better planet by inspiring others to make changes in their consciousness with the Avatar materials. This change helps us all by having a positive affect on the collective consciousness. If you would like to take more responsibility for your life and help contribute to creating a better world, contact Jan to find out about the next Avatar course.

Christchurch 8062 New Zealand
Jen McGregor
Phone: +64 212449930

In 2005 I did the Avatar course to gain some direction in my life. I was in a stuck place and I am forever grateful for these tools. I got my life back. I felt very cared for and supported throughout this journey. So it was easy for me to make the decision to go on to the Master Course soon after that. I started to see what else I was capable of and to stretch out of who I thought I was. I wanted to make a difference for others and I became part of the delivery team in this part of the World. Come and join us for this extraordainary journey of self discovery.

Napier 4110 New Zealand
Jen Rutherford
Phone: 0438682597

My Avatar Journey: For years I had been searching for a self-development course that would help me make permanent positive changes in my life. I had done Tony Robbins and loved it, Christianity and loved it, Emotional Intelligence training and gots lots of insights into mine and others’ behavioural motivators but nothing seem to stick. I was still regularly experiencing low moods when things didn’t go the way I thought they should in my life. Overthinking, perfectionism and victimhood lead to doubts and fears that was such a familiar pattern in my life since childhood. I was invited to do the Avatar course in 2014 by an Avatar Master at a time when I was feeling pretty disatisfied with my life and relationships. He felt Avatar could really help me. I respected him and his opinion so I thought it was worth giving it a red-hot go. I completed the Resurfacing workshop (Section I) in Melbourne a month later and gained huge insights into the workings of my conscoiusness and learned lots of tools to manage my mind which I now use every day. In Resurfacing I realised how much I was blaming my parents and others for the shortcomings that were actually mine. Sections II and III were deeper and more satisfying to me in terms of learning about myself and how my life was working. I took on the recommended attitude of ‘explorer’ and through the exercises I was able to navigate boldly through the sometimes lovely, sometimes not-so-lovely areas of the creation I experienced as my life. Once I had completed the Avatar Course the natural next step was to share what I had learned and gained; and completed the Masters Course in the same year. The Masters course taught me how to support another person through the Avatar Path and I am now truly experiencing ‘it is better to give than receive’ in so many ways. Wonderful things and people just keep coming into my life and I feel it’s because of my decision to serve others in a much bigger and broader way that the Masters Course promotes. The next year I completed The Professional course which taught me how to really be present with another and an awareness of the different identities I put on in my day to day life and to choose them deliberately. The Avatar Wizards course came next and the realisations I had about myself and the new tools I have to help others and, in fact, the whole of humanity is THE most satisfying and rewarding thing I have ever done. I can highly recommend that you take on the explorer attitude and come and find out about yourself, for yourself. I would love to support you on your Avatar journey. Love Jen

Victoria Bass Coast 3984 Australia
Jesse Cox
Phone: 0406274703

You want to know what’s up? Do The Avatar®️Course!!! I first decided to do The Avatar®️Course in 2013 after experiencing some hardship in my life. I wasn’t in a great place at the time so it took a lot of will power to get myself there, the level of support I had from the team delivering the course was something I had never encountered before, it was really safe and sweet. I had so many incredible gains and extraordinary moments on my course that I decided to go on almost immediately and do my Avatar Masters Course so I could become licenced and teach others too. Thats how good it was. I actually learnt how to create what I wanted in my life and learned real skills to support other people too. My relationships with my family, freinds and colleagues improved and continue to do so. If you are experiencing some thing in life you don’t prefer and/or want to do something that helps the planet, environment and humanity, totally consider The Avatar®️Course, it is outstanding in its field!! If you want a little more information or an experience of the tools for yourself feel free to contact me. Happy to help, Jesse

Queensland Cairns 4870 Australia
Joelle Vadas
Phone: +61414230667
Victoria South Caulfield 3162 Australia
John Toomey
Phone: +61390282939

I first completed the Avatar Course in 2005. It was perhaps the most incredible personal experience of my life. For as long as I can remember I had been seeking answers to the bigger questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What does it all mean? What lies beyond? All of these questions were answered as an experiential transition. It was so deeply beautiful, and I came away feeling peaceful, aware and fully ok. My restless mind had ceased its struggle and quietness became its normal state. I knew I had to share this with the world and so went to the very next Master Course where I learned to deliver Avatar and become Licensed as an Avatar Master. I have been delivering the course with the Downunder Team since. Over time, my kids got interested in the work and eventually made their way on course, going all the way to the Wizards Course. They have even helped deliver the course at times. The cool thing for me as a parent is that I know my kids make good decisions. They are aware, intuitive and have a strong sense of who they are. For that reason, I do not worry about them, never feel the need to monitor them and know they are living good lives. Doing Avatar was the best decision I ever made.

Victoria Melbourne 3004 Australia
Kate McGready
Phone: +61 410 584 975
Victoria Melbourne 3016 Australia
Kerry Scott
Phone: +6421408412

“Love is an expression of the willingness to create the space in which something is allowed to change” Harry Palmer – author of Love Precious Humanity®

Wellington 5026 New Zealand
Kerry van Beest
Phone: +61 418 978 276

Avatar has given me control over my mind. In August 2010 I completed the Avatar Course followed by the Masters Course in September 2010. I consider my life to have been in two stages – before Avatar and after Avatar. Before Avatar I was a person who struggled with many aspects of my life, in particular my relationships, the way I saw myself, money and feeling stressed most of the time. I was always trying to second guess what others wanted from me so I could fulfil their expectations. Basically I was more often than not seeking other people’s approval. This was not a great way to live. Since Avatar I feel transformed, I went from being depressed to being full of energy and having a magical sense of peace and a quiet mind. The best thing though was knowing that it was me exploring me, not someone telling me I needed to be or do things in a particular way. So incredibly freeing to know that my beliefs are what limits me and that I can change them by using the Avatar tools at any time. I often get people saying to me “you are very calm”. The negative self-talk, the worry, the second guessing about what I am doing in life has pretty much gone. I still experience things I don’t prefer but I now have the tools to handle anything that shows up in my consciousness. The Avatar Course has been an incredible exploration of my own sense of self (exploring what is there already and changing what I want to change). I had been sear4ch for something for some time before I found the Avatar Course. I had read so much on living in the present moment and I wanted to be a person with a purpose that included kindness and compassion for others. Throughout my life I have been drawn to really connecting with people and making a difference but the way I saw myself often got in the way, until Avatar. Now my world is full of possibilities, wonder and joy, all I need to do is decide what I want to experience and I do!

New South Wales and ACT Mount Lewis 2190 Australia
Lauren Albans
Phone: 0210662356

I took The Avatar course in Orlando Florida 2015, completed Masters, Pro and Wizards. I have a few motos in life but this is my favourite, ” you must make a choice, to take a chance,to make a change”. If you would like to discover a deeper meaning to life, please do this course, follow your heart and trust your gut. Get in touch with me if you would like to know more or do an information hour. I look forward to meeting you 🙂

Napier 4171 New Zealand
Liam Forde
Phone: +1 323 475 5544

I first took Avatar in 1996 and was amazed at how it changed my life. I was successful but not fully happy. Something was missing. Avatar helped me find my Purpose, to help leaders and organisations become enlightened – to see the bigger picture and contribute to a better world for us all. This discovery literally added years to my life! • I realised that Harry’s ‘technology’ was so important to humanity and our future that I ‘had’ to pass it on…so I did Masters and Wizards immediately. Words can’t describe the insights and transformation. • I was now guided by head AND heart and this intergation connected me to my children, my partner and my family more deeply than I could have imagined. It also now underpins my work as a coach, facilitator and a leader. • I have delivered Avatar for over 18 years. Students come from over 40 countries…kids to retirees, artists to CEOs, doctors to yoga teachers, students and entrepreneurs. • People often confuse beliefs with facts. This confusion is the source of some of their major difficulties in life, from limitations to conflicts, from falied relationships to failed businesses. Avatar can straighten this out, and the magic is YOU do it. • People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. •Come join me on the next course. I deliver world-wide!

Auckland 1022 New Zealand
Liane Hensell
Phone: 61423013878
Victoria Melbourne 3097 Australia
Lin Walden
Phone: 64223954603

Early in Jan 1999 I completed the Avatar Course, it changed my life in ways I had never dreamed possible. I wanted a personal sense of peace and discovered that that the doorway to this realm was opening my heart beyond anywhere I had ever encountered before. Just a few days into the course I was experiencing a quietness and peace which had been rare in my busy mind. There was an inner knowing that stopping on this journey was inconceivable. I went on to do the Masters Course which created more profound changes. I have been facilitating the Avatar Course since then, in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. If you wish to make personal changes, improve yourself and improve the world, look no further. I look forward to hearing from you. Make a difference in the world.

Karori, Wellington 6012 New Zealand
Lisa Perkins
Phone: 0418 274 356

I love sharing the experience of Avatar with people from all walks of life. It is an incredible gift to have the Avatar tools and the insights, learnings and new capabilities that doing the course brings.Whether you are just wanting a bit more information, to test drive the tools at a free introductory workshop or you are ready to book in for a course in Australia, New Zealand or the USA….Contact me today to get started.

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2040 Australia
Lizzy Mellick
Phone: +61 422533732

Wow, what an adventure! I did my first Avatar®️ course in 2000 and it was the start of a limitless and inspiring journey of self-discovery, empowerment and evolvement that just gets better all the time. I very quickly decided that it was not enough for me to have these life-transforming tools (and all the fun) … I wanted everyone to have them! So I became a licenced Avatar Master and began teaching the course. I am grateful to be part of a world-wide network that has the collective goal of contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®️. World peace is possible! I do free Intros and 2-day ReSurfacing®️ Workshops in Darwin, and teach the full course co-operatively in Australia and overseas. If you would like your own experience of self-discovery and transformation, or more info, I would love to support you.

Northern Territory Darwin 0810 Australia
Margaret Rogers
Phone: +61 0409014953
Victoria Geelong 3220 Australia
Margaret Sullivan
Phone: +61405112875

Deciding to do the Avatar Course was the best decision I ever made. The Avatar tools are the most powerful, life-changing techniques I have ever found- gentle but profound. They have enabled me to create the life I want and to gracefully navigate life’s challenges. If you would like a free, one-hour introduction to these wonderful tools, you are welcome to contact me. It can be done in person or by phone.

South Australia Adelaide 5000 Australia
Mary Ayoub
Phone: +61 410 406 006
New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2194 Australia
Michelle Smith
Phone: 0421 087 622

Imagine living in a world where you can be who you truely are without fear. Where you can achieve your dreams and be the successful person you were born to be. Where love and support are in plentiful supply and where you are in total control of your life. The Avatar Course will support you to achieve these things and so much more….come join me and let’s explore….

Western Australia Perth 6061 Australia
Moni Jowsey (Emilio)
Phone: +61411643935

What is important to you? What are you working towards? I am interested in showing you how the Avatar training can accelerate your progress towards life purpose PLUS amazing connection to other people & making a difference in the world!

New South Wales and ACT Byron Bay 2481 Australia
Naomi Hearn
Phone: 0419665335

I’ve been studying and teaching the Avatar course for 15 years now and it just keeps getting better and better. The tools meet you right where you are at. They help you manage your beliefs and strengthen your ability to direct attention which means you can move forward in life with more ease and grace. Having and using the Avatar tools to stay awake and in control of my life is incredibly valuable and being able to help others by teaching the course is such a gift. If you’d like to find out more about the Avatar course and/or experience the Avatar tools please call me.

Victoria Melbourne 3931 Australia
Nisha Duncan
Phone: 022 464 7423

Nisha has been teaching the Avatar Course for over 10 years and is really inspired about making a difference in the world and empowering people to live the life of their dreams. You can contact Nisha anytime for a free info hour and mini-workshop over the phone, Skype or in person. Nisha teaches on courses in Australia, USA and New Zealand. Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

Christchurch 8026 New Zealand
Patricia O’Brien
Queensland Slough 6158 Australia
Paul Redman
Phone: +61419902448
Victoria Melbourne 3068 Australia
Peter (Pece) Gorgievski
Phone: +61 (0) 405 330 066
Victoria Melbourne 3095 Australia
Peter Felice
Phone: +61 (0417) 234730

I am very passionate about using the Avatar tools to support people to really go for their goals and achieve what they want to achieve in their lives. I am constantly amazed by what people are able to accomplish using these tools. The Avatar tools are easy to learn, simple to use and they are profoundly effective. In a caring and compassionate environment new skills and greater awareness replace old self imposed limitations. If you have ever felt that you have more to offer or you have not quite realised your full potential, you have come to the right place. The Avatar tools are self empowering and allow you to unlock the potential that you know that you have. One of the most incredible things about the Avatar Course is that apart from feeling inspired and motivated to achieve your own goals in life, the people you care about the most, benefit from you working on yourself.

New South Wales and ACT Sydney 2229 Australia
Rachel Tooman
Phone: 0430 346 555
Victoria Melbourne 3012 Australia
Robyn Woodford
Phone: +61414458677

If your looking for a change, inner peace or wanting to experience more depth and richness in your life and connections ? Come and experince how to implement the profound tools you learn on the Avatar® course.

Victoria Melbourne 3136 Australia
Rosie Habel
Phone: +61 400851597
Victoria Shepparton 3631 Australia
Sandra Clough
Phone: 61412230181
Victoria Traralgon 3844 Australia
Sharnnay Sherratt

For me Avatar has allowed me to find peace within myself and who i am, i walked through the doors with so many judgments on myself and realising more and more also others, along with that i brought bags and bags full of bad experiences and events i was holding onto which was weighing me down and holding me back from really moving forward in life, experiencing life, feeling and truly connecting with others. Stepping into Avatar was a really scary step and honestly it was a hard, confronting, emotional journey, there were plenty of times i wanted to throw my hands up and walk away and there were times i did, something inside me just kept telling me to push through and i’m so grateful i did. Being in an environment where you share your truely deepest, darkest, ugliest secrets or thoughts and not be judged for it was something really special for me, there was a beautiful care and compassion allowing me to accept it myself, take responsibility for it and then move through it.

Victoria Melbourne 3181 Australia
Shirley Greer
Phone: Home +64 7 8685954 Mobile +64 21685954
Thames 3577 New Zealand
Shona Macdonald
Victoria Melbourne 3451 Australia
Simon Townsend
Phone: +61 (405) 708194
Victoria Melbourne 3013 Australia
Souaad (Sue) Jabbour
Phone: +61 (0411) 133414

This is the best course I ever have done. I made terrific gains and continue to as my life evolves.

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The Avatar Course is an incredibly profound self discovery course. Since my first experience with Avatar in 2014 at 14 years of age, I have continually been blown away by how amazing the Avatar tools are. The course gives you a chance to explore your own beliefs in a light and fun way with more support available than you could ever need. You get to see how those beliefs shape your life and are given the effective technology to change them. I have created a life I love and am proud of, I’ve got the Avatar tools to thank for that and I’d love to help others do the same. Workshops of just 2 days, and the entire 9 day course are run many times a year across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the rest of the world. Please contact me if you’d like to find out more!

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Zoe Dryden
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In my experience Avatar is the purest, self-development methodology I have come across. There are no gurus, no religion, no energetic hype, just pure self-exploration and an introduction to tools that expand your consciousness and remove limitations as you choose. It is self-directed, self-empowering and completely self-determined. The tools are extraordinary in their unique compilation and private, gentle application that transform the realities for people, popping obstacles that for years have been transparent to them and it all takes place within minutes of use. There are options for all levels of interest, free experiences, talks, books, mini courses and workshops ranging from 2 days ReSurfacing to the full 9 day Avatar course. The series of workshops fits together like a jigsaw, guiding the participant from self-exploration, to service to others, through to exploration on a global consciousness scale. Whatever your background or level of intention in this lifetime, there will be something you can gain from this work. It engages you where you are at right now and all that you have done so far will compliment perfectly the tools moving forward from here. Suitable for most ages.

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