Section II

group"With the Section II materials, you start exploring. Little expeditions into the backyard of your consciousness. You practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. It’s an opportunity to get your affairs in order before the big adventure begins."

– Harry Palmer

Aspects of consciousness addressed: Creation, Perception, Experience

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DSC03662On Section II of The Avatar® Course you practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. It's an opportunity to get your affairs in order before the big adventure begins. Section II clarifies and expands an extrasensory perceptual channel to the physical universe that you may already be vaguely aware of-extended feeling. This is a nonsensory feeling that does not require physical contact. It quiets the mind and dramatically enhances your sense of being.

Section II develops your ability to create a reality that you prefer. Deeper access to your own mental programming results in transformational realizations about why certain aspects of your life have fallen short and what you can do to correct them.

IMG 0858You turn the part of self that was your worst enemy into a guiding friend.

Self-sabotaging beliefs are exposed before they can do you more harm. Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.

You learn how to experience reality without judgment, separation, or distortion.

Section II requires 4 to 5 days to complete, depending upon what is encountered.

The cost of Section II is AU $715 incl GST / NZ $662.50 incl GST*

* Prices vary from country to country.

ld-cvrThe following text is excerpted from the book Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar by Harry Palmer.

Question: Is it like meditation?

Harry: Yes and no. It produces the same type of mental stillness that meditation produces, but it does so in an interesting and much faster way. It’s like meditation in that it is about gaining mastery of the mind—allowing the mind to still—but Avatar does it playfully without the struggle or confrontation. It’s the difference between opening a safe by prying the door off or using the combination. Avatar is the combination.

Another exercise in Section II develops a skill in recognizing, creating, and changing judgments. This really begins to wake you up to the patterns in your life.

section3studentWe experience what we experience in accordance with our judgments, which are the beliefs through which we filter our perceptions.  Two people may experience the same event quite differently.  For one of them it is traumatic and ruins their life; for the other it is inconsequential.  The difference is determined by the judgments the two people place on the experience.

The end result of this exercise is the ability to honestly relax judgment on anything being experienced. If you have been struggling with a body condition or a relationship, this exercise produces powerful realizations and turning-point experiences.

The final part of the Section II materials contains tools and exercises to remove barriers or blocks that you may have placed in front of your ability to create reality. We describe it as the most challenging experience anyone ever laughed through. It causes smile cramps in your face, increases your ability to create, and restores your control over existence.

students5If you are not completely satisfied with the results you achieve in Section II, don’t go on to Section III. There’s nothing in Section III that fixes poor results in Section II. The Section II exercises are the exercises that help you create the ability to learn the powerful discreation technique in Section III. 

You are welcome to a full refund of the course at this point. Once you begin Section III, no refunds will be given.



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